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  Caz Barclay Artist

Caz Barclay is an artist and designer based in Worthing, West Sussex.

Since qualifying from The West Sussex College of Design in 1980, Caz has followed a very varied career in print and design. She has been involved in all kinds of printing processes, including, Lino, Letterpress and Offset Litho.

Caz has always continued with her painting and has explored many different types of media.

Now expanding on the more traditional types of painting and having always been interested in combining different media she has evolved her technique to include, three dimensional ink on foil works.

This three stage process starts with Caz applying a dimensional medium, she then applies a foiling layer which she hand engraves and embosses. Finally Caz finishes the piece by hand painting, using UV resistant alcohol inks.

These new artworks ‘play with light’, providing texture and movement which enhance her chosen subject.